This year, Finnegan Wakes @ Burning Man will film Burners radically performing a page from chapter 5 of James Joyce’s epic masterpiece. Here’s some short clips from last year’s performances of Chapter 6: https://youtu.be/BYIE5y9TDHM

The filming studio is located @ Camp Entheos found at Esplanade and 3:45. Filming will begin every night following sunset (8:30PM) and continue until approx. 4AM every morning until Sat morning, 9/1.

Just choose a page to perform from chapters 5 which you can find here: http://www.finwake.com

Then bring along a piece of music on your phone (with Aux headphone jack)which has had a memorable impact on your life, to accompany your performance. The piece must be wordless and at least 2:30 mins long. Please remember to bring your tune on your phone. VIP! And bring along your campmates too.

Professor Finn Fordham

This year’s shoot will also feature a series of talks and workshops given by world-leading expert on Finnegans Wake, Finn Fordham. Finn is Professor of 20th Century Literature at Royal Holloway, University of London and edited the Oxford World Classics edition of Finnegans Wake.

Publication of his doctoral thesis – about Joyce’s daughter, Lucia, and her impact on Joyce – was blocked by the James Joyce Estate. His writings on the Wake have been published extensively and his book Lots of Fun at Finnegans Wake: Unravelling Universals is a wonderful gateway into the magical dream world of the book.

Finn will give a keynote address at Entheos Camp on Tuesday at noon, followed by a workshop at 2 PM focusing on the film project. He will also give a nightly talk on the Wake before filming begins at 8 PM.


You can sign up to Finnegan Wakes @ Burning Man Facebook group to keep up to date and for more information:


Contact: gavan.kennedy@gmail.com

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Joyce spent 17 years writing Wake. Finnegan Wakes hopes to spend less than that setting it to film. The goal is to shoot two chapters per year: one at Burning Man, and one in some other country around the world where we invite Burners/potential Burners/Everybody to take part.